Understanding and Promoting Rights

Your staff can now learn about “Understanding and Promoting Rights” with either our long or new short version module. But first watch this fun music video we made about rights, community and more!

Our new module “Understanding and Promoting Rights – Short Version” takes just 100 minutes to complete. But for a more in-depth look into this topic your staff also have the option to complete a more detailed 210 minute version.

Beyond defining rights, these modules give your staff first hand knowledge and expertise on how to maintain and promote the rights of the people you support. Watch the trailer:

This module features video presentations from Dave Hingsburger, Simon Duffy, Gary Kent, and Margaret Cushen.

On successful completion of this module, your staff will be able to:

– Define what rights are and understand the different types of rights.

– Detail how, why, and in what circumstances rights may be limited or taken away.

– Explain how rights interact with responsibilities, decision-making, risk, power, and control.

– Explain how to support, promote, and help people advocate for their rights.

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