We Work Together

Written by the great John Raffaele, this new module uses 12 wonderful short films to tell 12 memorable stories.

By completing this module you will learn how to conduct and collaborate with informal and formal assessments and how you can be a bigger and better part of your organization.

This module features presentations from a range of leading professionals and self-advocates including: John Raffaele, Joseph Macbeth, Simon Duffy, and Peter Leidy.

On successful completion of this module, you will be able to:

– Understand how you can conduct and collaborate with both informal and from assesment practices.

– Explain how assessments can be used to respond to the needs, desiers, and interests of the people you support.

– Describe how to translate assessment findings and most effectively put them into action.

– Understand how you can contribute and participate on many different levels within your organization.

– Discuss the mission and practices of the organization that employs you.

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