Making the Most of Open Future Learning

At Open Future Learning we want to help your organization make the most of our resource and all of its features. In this article we will demonstrate how our software and administrative functions, combined with a planned approach maximize your staff team’s learning experience.

Who Will Use This and How?

Your first and most critical step is to work out who will use the Open Future resource and what you want them to get from using it.

We believe that anyone that touches the lives of the people you support will benefit from our resource. You will want to review the breadth of the resource and pinpoint which modules your staff members will most benefit from.

Our administrator dashboard makes it easy for you to add users one at a time or as a large group. You can also allocate people into groups depending on for example, the department, house, or person they work with.

Set a Schedule

You may want to schedule your staff team’s access to the Open Future Learning program in the same way you do for traditional face-to-face training. Use the messaging feature embedded into the Open Future dashboard to communicate to individual staff members or to your groups.

 Clarify Your Expectations

As you assign new users to the resource you may want to explain your expectations so that learners understand how this learning opportunity may be of value to them. Specifically, it may be useful to reference particular people they support while also explaining that you will be blending their learning by following up with them in person as they complete the modules.

Monitoring Your Users Progress

 Our admin dashboard makes it easy to keep track of each employee’s progress through each of the modules. You can also review a user’s login history and upon completion of the module, any of their notes.

Plan Your Face-to-Face Time

The best training uses a blended approach. As you receive notification that the user has completed a module make plans to meet with them to review the learner’s notes and complete the reflective action plan. Now is the time to capitalize on the inspirational nature of the training and help the staff member to think about how they will use what they have learned to develop the way they work and the lives of the people they support.

Share Your Face-to-Face Time

For larger teams of staff consider coordinating user’s access so that all users can work independently on the same module and then on a pre-determined date arrange for all the staff to meet as a group to complete their reflective action plans together and share their learning as a team.


Six months later use the second part of the reflective action plan to help learners to complete the circle of learning and document their 6 month review notes.