Enjoy this powerful new music video:

Learn how everyone can take control of their lives and watch this trailer from our module “Self-Determination”.  In this module, the author Simon Duffy uses his expansive knowledge to explain what self-determination means.  A combination of graphics and short films combine with Duffy’s easy read writing style to highlight the importance of control and the understanding that everyone can take control of their lives.

This module includes video presentations from Simon Duffy, Lynda Kahn, Steve Dymond, Dave Hingsburger, Sam Sly, Jack Pearpoint, Patti Scott, Dave Hasbury, and Bernard Carabello.

Upon successful completion of this module, learners will be able to:

– Define why being in control is important to everyone.

– Explain how everyone can be in control, even when people have significant disabilities.

– Explain how to help people take control of their own lives.

– Understand how to work in partnership with others to maximize self-determination.

– Describe how people can stay in control and still be safe.

– Explain how the best support helps people to be full citizens.

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