Seven Ways to Cause a Crisis

The song ‘Seven Ways to Cause a Crisis’ highlight what do we do that actually causes a crisis to happen in someone’s life?

What do we (ie: support staff, team, system. support plan) unintentionally do that causes crisis in the people lives that we support? Are we sometimes the cause of the very behaviors or actions that we are complaining about or that we may be wishing to change? Although we do not do this purposefully, we do though sometimes fail to pay attention to some fundamentally important parts of people’s lives. And when those fundamental things are being ignored, it is the perfect opportunity for something to go really wrong. We, as direct support professionals need to be aware of the relationships, homes, safety, support, choice and control of the people we support to help prevent a crisis from occuring.

Everyone Can Learn

Heather Simmons shares an insightful story illuminating the idea that people of all abilities have the ability to learn giving the opportunity.

Although Heather was originally from Scotland she now lives in Perth Australia where, with her husband Richard Hill, they operate a company called h2 Training and Consulting that focuses on training staff who work with and for people with disabilities.

Heather has worked extensively in diverse roles with the disability sector since 1994. Including roles as a support worker, group home manager, team leader, and development worker.

Heather has many stories to tell… and her passion is working in the ‘grey areas’ of human services. She loves the challenge of finding ways of applying the ideas she talks about everyday to the day to day practice of working in the disability.