Person-Centered Supervision

Many of us know and understand the importance of being person-centered with the people we support. However, being person-centered should not begin and end with the lives of those we assist. This new module for leadership staff will help your organization to become a truly person-centered company. 

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Person-centered supervision puts your team members at the center of the conversation. This approach builds a foundation of shared trust, respect, and perspective-taking and supports an environment of performance achievement and well-being.

When team members know that you and the organization care about them and their development, they will want to remain a part of that organization. This module provides leaders with an opportunity to get to know your team members as people, not just employees.

Providers that use this approach report: Strengthened service quality and person-centered service delivery practices. More engaged team members. More productive team members working in line with strategic objectives. Reduced staffing costs in relation to turnover and personal leave.

This module features presentations from Gina Brelesky, Nancy Shea, and MaryBeth Witkop.

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Supported Decision-Making

The people you support can and should make decisions. This module will help you to learn how.

The relationship you have with the people you support is an intimate one. Over time you develop trust, respect and understanding. This module will help you to understand how you can support people to claim their voice so they can express their opinions, and make their choices.

This module includes video presentations from Michael Kendrick, Malia Carlotto, and Bob Fleischner.

On successful completion of this module, you will be able to:

– Understand the different ways that people make decisions.

– Describe supported decision-making and how it works.

– Explain the support people will need to make their own decisions.

Module Length: 95 Minutes

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My Rights

This module will explain what some of your most important rights are.

This module includes presentations from a range of leading professionals and self-advocates, including Simon Duffy, Harvey Pact, and Peter Leidy

After completing this module, you will be able to:

  • Understand what rights are and why they are important.
  • Explain some of the most important rights.
  • Discuss ways to protect and build your own rights.
  • Understand when and why rights may be limited.