Building Friendships and Community

In this module, leading expert Kay Mills frames her personal experiences with stories of people she has worked with to comprehensively explain how we can help people to build friendships and community. Kay begins by defining both friendships and community and then goes on to explain their value. Finally, she offers a full range of strategies that workers can use to not only build but also maintain friendships and community.

This module features presentations from a range of leading professionals and self-advocates, including Dave Hingsburger, Lynda Kahn, Margaret Cushen, Steve Dymond, Beth Mount, Dave Hasbury, Patti Scott, and Jack Pearpoint.

On successful completion of this module, learners will be able to:


    • Explain the discrimination, prejudice and institutionalization that people have experienced and how it impacts on their experience of friendships and community.
    • Define and explain the importance of both friendship and community.
    • Describe a range of approaches and strategies that can be applied to help people to find and build friendships and community.
    • Explain the importance of and how people can maintain the friendships they have in their lives.
    • Detail the potential challenges that you may face and explain how you can help the people you support to tackle negative and discriminatory attitudes.

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