Introducing Side by Side

What if support staff and the people they support could use the time they spend together, to learn together?

Side by Side has been designed so that people who receive support and people who provide support can learn together.

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3 thoughts on “Introducing Side by Side

  1. This is a very interesting concept. I agree, it’s not for everyone. However, I do believe that a lot of individuals would benefit form this type of training. Although, I have to ask, the training isn’t happening during the time the support staff is being paid to work with the individual, is it?? I would want more information regarding the specifics.

    • If the person who receives support wants for example, to learn how to make friends – yes we think they should be learning right alongside their support staff person. Traditionally training has been just another thing that is done to people.

  2. We think the best way to learn is when we learn together! We use side by side learning in our healthy lifestyles sessions and both caregiver and person served learn so much more when they do it together!

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