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Why Open Future Learning

Collaborating with some of the most revolutionary thinkers and leaders in our field, we have created over 500 short films. These powerful and often emotive films are embedded into the contents of each module. The films capture the invaluable experience of these people and inspire the user by bringing the learning to life.

We are 100% dedicated to the lives of people with developmental, intellectual, and learning disabilities. We are respected for this specialized approach and for the passion and values that we bring to our work. We love what we do.

Learning is made easy with a range of multimedia tools that engage the user. This includes interactive graphics that explain abstract concepts, professionally produced films, top animation, quality written content, and audio that is synced to all written content.


Plus, we follow the principles of plain language. Meaning we only use academic references when required and we avoid any unnecessary use of acronyms and professional terminology.

We offer instant enrollment with no software to install. Our intuitive user face and user guide videos mean that your staff team need no outside assistance and can get started right away.


Watch our user guide videos here to see how easy it is.

Before you purchase any form of training you should consider how this training is going to improve the lives of the people you support.


Turning learning into practice is our ultimate goal. Our modules have been designed to help the user to continually reflect on the needs and lives of the people they support. Our interactive notes and action planning function allow the user and their supervisor to directly apply what has been learned to their work.

We seamlessly blend online and face-to-face learning to maximize the effectiveness of your staff's supervision and development.


Via your agencies dashboard, supervisors can access the user's summary of learning, interactive notes, assessment answers, and certificate. Watch our user guide video here to see how easy it is.

Our member program offers the very best value for your money.


View more info on our pricing and how to sign up as a member here.